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Woland Technology provides custom web design, development and hosting services on a built-to-order basis. Our services include:

» Web Design and Re-design
We collaborate with our clients to deliver web sites that match their vision. Innovation and creativity is only part of what we bring to the table -- we also aim to understand clearly our clients' business needs and objectives. In the process, we help our clients build distinctive brands, strengthen customer relationships, enhance online visibility and grow their business or organization. Click here for examples of our work

» Web Development, Programming and Integration
We develop web applications and tools that enrich a customer's e-commerce experience, encourage user interactivity and strengthen customer loyalty. We can also rationalize and enhance our clients' insight into their website traffic, user behavior and conversion. The technology base to our solutions can be custom developed to fit your organization or can incorporate open source or third party solutions in an innovative or unique way.

» Secure Web Hosting
We offer web hosting as a convenience to our clients who prefer to let us handle all of their web development and maintenance requirements.

» Mobile Websites
Have you ever wondered to yourself how many people use their mobile phones to browse websites through the Internet? According to recent studies, more than half of American adult cell phone users—55 percent—now use their phones to go online. Companies around the world are creating mobile websites. We can help create yours.

» Social Media Marketing
We will create a custom Facebook page designed by the best graphic designers. We will search out YOUR clients. We research your area. We find your fans. We build apps, tabs and sidebars created exclusively for your business. We find loyal, happy clients who will give you feedback and testimonials. We engage your fans. We run promotions to excite your fan base. We get results.
Click here for examples of our work.

» E-mail Solutions and Electronic Newsletters
We'll provide you with e-mail accounts, create an e-mail newsletter, or help you design your e-mail marketing campaign.
Click here for examples of our work.Click here for examples of our work.

»Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Like the proverbial tree in the forest with no one around to hear it fall, a web site that is poorly or minimally search-optimized does not attract visitors. We can help you optimize your site's ability to get noticed online by building in those features which, in our experience, strengthen its visibility, as well as by conducting networking review, content analysis and site analysis.

» Database Applications
If your business requires traffic or data analysis, polling or data collection and storage on a real-time basis that is suitable for enterprise-level applications or appropriate for small business information management, we deliver database solutions that address your requirements.
Click here for examples of our work.

» E-Commerce
We deliver a range of e-commerce solutions for every type of business. Since every business is unique, we provide bespoke e-commerce applications that integrate third party technologies, such as VeriSign, PayPal and others, with templates best suited to emphasize the client's particular brand, enhance the design and functionality of the user's shopping experience and track user statistics.
Click here for examples of our work.

» Content Management
We build content management tools for those of our clients who prefer to take more control over some or all aspects of their web sites. These tools are geared to each client's level of comfort with a more hands-on approach to managing their web presence.

» Internet Marketing
Our clients depend on us to advise them in selecting and implementing tools that enhance marketing opportunities, including Pay Per Click, social networking channels, blogging channels, link building, content development, SEO and network development.

»Web Traffic Analysis
Web traffic analysis is a service we offer that enables our clients to map on a granular level the navigational path a user takes through a web site. It is a key gauge of a site's ability to inform, encourage repeat visits and generate sales, as well as a critical tool for any business or organization with a presence online.

» Web Operations Management and Services
When our clients need to optimize their day-to-day operations online, we offer performance monitoring and management reporting, maintenance and updates, training and development, testing and quality assurance, content production and statistical analysis.

» Other Services
We provide a range of other services, including domain registration and renewal, SSL certification and directory listing. We offer a full range of web-based solutions and systems for new and existing web sites. We are experienced users of (X)HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, PHP, PERL and MySQL, as well as a variety of web-specific applications, such as Adobe Flash. Our websites follow international standards of web design as recommended and published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and promoted by the Web Standards Group (WSG).

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