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Matchmaker's Application

Matchmaker's web-enabled application, which includes security and password-protection features, a comprehensive prospect search engine, administrative facility with prospect management and date scheduling utility, transaction calendar, reporting utility, mass e-mailing utility, and payment request application.

For more information, please contact Laurie Berzack at Chai Expectations.

Matchmaker Application Search  Matchmaker Application Search Results  Matchmaker Application Calendar  Matchmaker Application Admin  Matchmaker Application Reports

Plant Management Application Suite

Plant management application suite, including a timesheet management application used by all employees, a comprehensive reporting facility with a multi-tiered secure permissions scheme, a customer order management application that lets clients to look up their orders, and a client-accessible inventory management application.

Timesheet Management Reporting System  Timesheet Management Reporting System  Client Order Management  Client Inventory Management 

File Sharing Application

File Sharing System File Sharing Application that features a secure, password-protected area where franchise employees can exchange business files with each other, as well as with third-party vendors. Allows to upload and download files or share files by e-mail. Includes ability by corporate office to mark certain files as "view-only" while allowing others to be downloaded and shared internally and externally.

College Recruiting Athlete Profile Management

College Recruiting Athlete Profile Management application, a secure, password-protected application that enables recruiting administrators to enter student athlete profile information (including audio-visual data) and add/edit/delete records. It also allows coaches to access and search athlete profiles by multiple criteria, and generate printed reports.

College Athlete Recruiting Application  College Athlete Recruiting Application  College Athlete Recruiting Application  College Athlete Recruiting Application  College Athlete Recruiting Application 

Calendar Application

Calendar Application Calendar Application allows administrator to display events in variety of colorful categories, and includes a photograph for each event. Photos can be uploaded and cropped to size. Easy to use and secure.

Fashion Inventory Management Application

Inventory Upload Application Fashion Inventory Upload and Management Application allows an adminstrator to keep track of inventory available for sale on their website. Including a photo apload facility, cropping mechanism, color management complete with a dropper, price calculations and more.
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